Industrial Loft Apartment

This gorgeous city loft offers an upscale yet casual living style. The build makes use of Second Life materials, and is truly something to see.

It comes furnished with a full kitchen area, which includes singles, friends, and couples animations. Cook together, raid the fridge, or even enjoy adult activities in the kitchen. Lighting allows control of zones or the entire loft with options for three intensity levels and lots of lighting colors. The interior footprint is 22.8m x 11.1m, and has spacious 8m ceilings in the living area. Ceilings in the kitchen and bedroom loft areas are 4m high.

Land Impact
Tenant’s allowance: 125 LI
(Land Impact of loft and kitchen is included free of charge).

486L$/week – payable weekly. The rental box is found under the stairs against the brick wall. Simply pay the box to begin your tenancy, and a bot will invite you to the land group so you can begin decorating.

Note: Materials require that you enable Advanced Lighting Model in your viewer graphics settings.