1/4 Sim – Evergreen Valley

A beautiful evergreen valley covering 128m x 128m (1/4 sim!) can be all yours to call home with this sky environment. The valley landscape is entirely walkable mesh, not a texture backdrop and not a sim surround!

In the bowl of the valley you are surrounded by lush nature – wildflowers, grasses, ferns, and beautiful scenery all around. The open, flat area in the center between the grasses measures about 20 x 25 meters, and would be a great site for a small cabin or a campsite. In the higher areas you’ll find a small mountain shack with a campfire outside. Look across the valley from there to discover a secluded pond with singles animations and couples cuddles. Environmental nature sounds are included.

Come see the difference professional, artistic landscaping makes in Second Life. Try this one with your favorite Windlight settings.

Land Impact
Existing environment: 365 LI
Plus your prim allowance: 600 LI
You are renting 965 LI total.

1799L$/week – payable weekly. The rental box is found inside the small mountain shack tucked up the hillside. Simply pay the box to begin your tenancy, and a bot will invite you to the land group.